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House Grooves Duo Adriatique

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house grooves duo adriatique
Adriatique by Amanda Nikolic

House Grooves Duo Adriatique

House grooves duo Adriatique are Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. They met in 2008 while DJing at the 90’s in southern Germany. Two unique individuals with kindred spirits, each seeming to possess the qualities the other lacks. They are talented individuals, but together they are phenomenal. Shala’s house music is an excellent fit for Schweizer’s minimal techno style.

Two Individuals

Adrian Shala grew up in the western part of Austria. His cousin Patrick Bo was a house music DJ. His style was a deep afro-house. Shala’s earliest influence was listening and watching Patrick make a mixtape. He accompanied Patrick to a house party that he wasn’t supposed to attend. The vibes of the underground dance scene left an indelible mark. He commented,

I felt like I had been born a second time.

Shala honed his skills at home, and by the time he was seventeen, he played his first gig, the youngest guy in the club! As success begets success, he went on to concerts in Austria and southern Germany through 2008. , but we were both impressed with each other’s set and found we had a connection with each other. From there, we became friends.

Adrian Schweizer’s first foray into electronic music was with trance in 2002. He received a pair of 1210s; we’re assuming Technics 1210 turntables. From 2002 to 2005 he practiced his newfound love. In 2005, his dream of spinning in nightclubs came true. For the next three years, he selectorized in Swiss nightclubs.

One Duo: Adriatique

As Providence would have it, both Adrians booked at the same time in the same place. In 2008, they brought their respective styles to the same dark DJ booth. They met and respected each other’s set, a reciprocal connection felt, and a friendship was born. This mutual respect for each other’s music would be the foundation for the subsequent launch of their label, Siamese Records.

Adriatique began producing music in 2009. Neither Adrians produced music as solo artists. In describing their sound, Shala is at somewhat of a loss for words. There isn’t a plan to deliver house or techno. They bring to the studio their ideas and fuse them together. Shala’s soulful vocal house sound with Schweizer’s techno.

The break out year for them was 2012. From the energetic atmosphere of Diynamic beach at Off Sonar to their six performances at Neon Nights in Ibiza. The release of their two EPs ‘Bodymovin’ on Diynamic and ‘Face To Face’ on Culprit.

Siamese Records

Eights years of friendship and collaboration saw the birth of their label, Siamese Records in 2016. Their imprint releases their music as well as music of other producers. While first and foremost a music label, SIAMESE does not want to limit itself to the art of music. A typical label night includes musical artists from that label and their music is showcased. A Siamese Records night includes the creative encounter of audio and visual.

The music isn’t the only component. Adriatique’s love for the art as it encompasses the event as a whole. As well as the DJ Producers, the visual and performance artists are collaborators and spotlighted as well.


EDM Singer Songwriter Betsie Larkin

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EDM Singer Songwriter Betsie Larkin

EDM Singer Songwriter Betsie Larkin

EDM Singer Songwriter Betsie Larkin has given fans a stunning collection of original music. Born Elizabeth Anne Larkin, Betsie is well known for her uplifting vocals and lyrics. She is not merely a collaborator she is also a solo artist and entrepreneur.

Betsie released tracks with the titans of trance, and progressive, which include the following

Armin van Buuren, ‘Safe Inside You’ and ‘Again.’
Paul van Dyk, ‘Love Is.’
Ferry Corsten ‘Made of Love,’ ‘Not Coming Down,’ ‘Stars,’ and ‘Feel You.’
ATB ‘A New Day.’
Gabriel & Dresden ‘Play It Back.’
Andy Moor ‘Love Again’ and ‘Not Afraid.’
Mark Sixma ‘Invincible.’
John O’Callaghan ‘Save This Moment’ and ‘The Dream.’
Solarstone ‘Breathe You In.’
Dennis Sheperd ‘Let It Rain.’
Bobina ‘You Belong To Me’ and ‘No Substitute For You.’
Lange ‘Insatiable.’
Giuseppe Ottaviani ‘Toys.’
Super8 & Tab ‘All We Have Is Now.’
JD and Sydney Blu ‘Nightlight.’
Sied van Riel ‘The Offering.’

The remixes of Betsie’s collaborations are more numerous than the originals. The remixers include Maor Levi, Tom Fall, Andrew Rayel, Roger Shah, Tenishia, Sean Tyas, Ferry Corsten, Daniel Wanrooy, Ken Loi, George Acosta, Lange, Serhio Vargas, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, and Joseph Areas. This list is by no means exhaustive either.

Betsie’s collaborations lead to a DJ and Productions career. She has an hour long mix show called Larke Radio on Digitally Imported, Music Choice, iTunes, and Soundcloud. Her DJ debut occurred at San Francisco’s Pure Lounge. She performed all over the world at clubs and festivals on the continents of the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Betsie’s career began at Boston University while earning her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She wrote songs in a rock band in Boston, as well as with songwriters in Los Angeles and New York. One of her original demos fell into the hands of Alan Stewart, who was Ferry Corsten’s manager. He, in turn, shared it with Ferry, which leads to their subsequent collaborations. Betsie credits Ferry with her entry into dance music. Their track ‘Made of Love’ soared to the Top 40 pop charts in Europe.

Betsie released her first DJ album, ‘Angels, Humans & Robots, Vol. 1’ in February 2016 on the label, Magik Muzik. ‘Angels, Humans & Robots’ presents her work in mix comp form, adding a whole new perspective to an artistic experience the likes of which only Betsie can bring.

The grass can’t grow under Betsie’s feet. Not only does she have an incredible career in dance music, but she is also an entrepreneur as well. She launched ‘Honeylove’ in 2015, an apparel company for busy women on the go in need of beautiful garments that perform.

Croatian Deep House DJ Producer Solomun

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Croatian Deep House DJ Producer Solomun

Croatian Deep House DJ Producer Solomun born Mladen Solomun in Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1975. He performs under the alias Solomun. He founded record labels Diynamic Music and 2DIY4. He has two brands, Solomun+1 and Solomun+Live. He hosts his radio show, Diynamic Radio.

Early Life

Solomun found his passion for music when he was ten years old. His cousin gave him a live disco mixtape. The music was funk, disco, and 80’s style. He was impressed with this new music. This music was nothing like he heard on the radio. He collected vinyl records and played his first gig when he was sixteen. The music was a mix of funk, hip-hop, new jack swing and 80’s stuff. He hosted his parties and transitioned to house music.

Solomun began producing music in 2005 and founded Diynamic Music with Adriano Trolio the same year. In 2010, he launched the more experimental label, 2DIY4.

Solomun plays a significant role in redefining European house music. His productions, remixes, and DJing deftly reconstruct the building blocks of house music and add a modern twist. He was a respected underground DJ and producer long before he was famous. His meteoric rise in popularity went into hyperdrive in 2012. That same year Mixmag Magazine voted him as ‘DJ of the Year.’

Solomun began his Solomun+1 brand at Pacha, Ibiza in 2013. This Sunday night party instantly became the island’s go-to event. The Solomun+Live brand started in 2015 at Pacha’s luxury outdoor performance space, Destino Hotel Resort. The famed producer shares the stage with a live guest act. This Thursday daytime party begins under the sunshine and ends under the stars.

Solomun loves working in the studio. Solomun’s passion for DJing and performing is evident to anyone who has seen him play anywhere around the world. Intertwined in his style of music are vigor, deepness, and emotion. A deep love for music motivates him to curate all of his musical endeavors, from productions, labels, residencies, and radio show.

His infamous Boiler Room set from early 2015 is the fastest growing Boiler Room video of all time, with around 18 million views – and counting. He is not afraid of taking the audience on a journey.

His advice to rising talent as told to Irina of The Ibiza Way,

I really don’t have any advice. The only advice I can give is not to go to other people, not to look at how other DJs work, no matter how successful they are or how big they are. Always rely on yourself and look at what you do. Do your homework and one day it will happen, success will come. If this is your profession in the future and if you love what you do, your time will come.


Best DJ: #1 (Deep House, public vote) // Beatport
Best DJ: #5 // Resident Advisor
Best DJ: #1 // DJ Mag Italia (IT)
Best Night: “Solomun+1″ (Sundays at Pacha) // DJ Mag Italia (IT)

Best Remixes // DJ Mag Italia (IT):
– Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix)
– Ost & Kjex – Queen of Europe (Solomun Remix)

Ibizas most shazaamt summer hits:
– #2 Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix)

Best DJ (Deep House) // DJ Awards Ibiza (ES)
Best DJ: #1 // DJ Mag Italia (IT)
Best Night: “Solomun+1″ (Sundays at Pacha) // DJ Mag Italia (IT)
Best DJ: #13 // Resident Advisor
Best Tune of the year: Solomun – Zora // Pete Tong @ BBC Radio 1
Best Set of 2015: Diynamic @ The BPM Festival // Be-At TV

Best Deep House DJ // DJ Awards Ibiza (ES)

DJ of the Year // Mixmag Magazine (UK)
Best Producer // DJ Awards Ibiza (ES)
Best DJ International // Cool Awards Brazil (BR)
Best International Tour // Rio Music Conference Award (BR)
Best Producer // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best Label: Diynamic // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best DJ #03 Solomun // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best Track #04 Kackvogel // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best Producer #6 // Faze Mag (DE, AT, CH)
Best Label Diynamic #5 // Faze Mag (DE, AT, CH)
Best Track #14 Kackvogel // Faze Mag (DE, AT, CH)
Best DJ #22 // Resident Advisor (UK)
Best Compilation #05 (Watergate 11) // DJ Mag (UK)
Best Compilation #05 (Watergate 11) // Mixmag Magazine (UK)

Remix of the Year- Around (Noir & Haze) // Resident Advisor (UK)
Most Charted Artist #04 // Resident Advisor (UK)
Best Remix #02 – Around (Noir & Haze) // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best Remix #03 – Let´s Go Back (Kraak & Smaak) // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best Producer #02 // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best DJ #03 // Groove Magazine (DE, AT, CH)
Best DJ #05 // De:Bug Magazine (DE, AT, CH)

Ubiquitous DJ Visionary Endo

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Ubiquitous DJ Visionary Endo

Ubiquitous DJ Visionary Endo

Ubiquitous DJ Visionary Endo; there are those individuals who are early adopters, then there are those who are innovators. Mike Henderson aka ENDO falls into the latter category. A ubiquitous figure in electronic dance music for going on two decades, ENDO is a musician, a DJ, a teacher, an inventor, and a visionary.


Beats have been driving ENDO as early as the first year of his life when he began drumming. Entering into his double digits, ENDO joined his school’s marching band and orchestra. As a teen, he stepped into the drummer’s seat in a number of hardcore and punk bands, absorbing the influences of grunge, punk, and hardcore sounds. That is until he decided to travel to Woodstock in 1999. Here, a 17-year-old ENDO experienced DJs for the first time. In an airplane hangar with mental visuals, his life took a sharp turn after hearing Moby, Fatboy Slim, and the Chemical Brothers. Upon his return to his home state of Vermont, ENDO traded his drumsticks for turntables, and locked himself away for the next couple of years, perfecting the art of DJing.

“It was an addiction and an obsession,” says ENDO. “It helped that I was a drummer and that I had a mathematical background. Using both of these and having a knowledge of song structure, I am able to calculate when I should stop and start tracks, using my mappings to navigate mathematically so they come in and out of the mix exactly when I want them to.”

Part of what ENDO calls his DJ “Jedi training,” was marathon, all vinyl, graveyard shifts on 90.1 WRUV FM in Burlington, Vermont called “Graveyard Breaks.” Here, he learned how to program sets, segueing into a weekly, three-hour daytime show on the station, “Hit The Breaks.” Word of ENDO’s skills started spreading. Soon he was getting booked at raves around New England.

A progression from his drumming background, ENDO’s instinctual gravitation started with breaks. From tear-out breaks to melodic breaks to clubby breaks, he can find a style that will fit the mood of the event. After a decade of breaks, ENDO has shifted into more house-based sounds. Similar to what he was doing with breaks, he seamlessly adjusts his sets: For dark, minimal and trippy after-hours vibes he will play techno or bass-driven tech-house, on a beach—where you’ll find him more often than not—he’ll bring out happier beats, but he could just as easily drop deep house, bassline house, G-house or funky house.

“My sets are all harmonic progression. I program my iTunes with smart playlists to give me compatible songs. Every song is in key, or intentionally out of key, modulated harmonically,” ENDO says. “You can subliminally play with people’s emotions with harmonic mixing. There’s all this tension, then you give them the harmonic release. You have to tell your story. You have to find the songs that speak to you. That’s the art form, the intuition. A good DJ has good intuition.”

ENDO has unleashed his patented brand of harmonic mixing at events across the globe: Pacha, Marquee, and Cielo in New York, Sound in Los Angeles, Guvernment and Coda in Toronto, Stereo in Montreal, The Globe in Los Angeles, Spybar in Chicago, Heart in Miami, Sands in Ibiza, Club Vertigo in Costa Rica, as well as BPM Festival in Mexico and Electric Festival in Aruba. He has played alongside John Digweed, DJ Craze, Roc Raida, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Chus & Ceballos, Eric Prydz, to name just a few, and perhaps given them a much-sought-after technical tip or two in the process.

Technical Superiority

ENDO’s technical know-how is an inherent gift. Once he knew electronic music was his future, he left his University Of Vermont education as a math major and enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music as an electronic music production and music synthesis major with drum set as his principal instrument. After this, ENDO had a radio show at Massachusetts Institute Of Technology’s college station, 88.9 WMBR FM called “Algorthythms.” Here, he was breaking ground both musically and technologically with the latest DJ gear. For his final project at Berklee ENDO put together an exhaustive DVD tutorial for Native Instruments’ Traktor and in the process, created a new harmonic mixing system for DJs working with vinyl.

“When we were playing vinyl, you had to write the key of the record on the sleeves,” ENDO explains. “I was doing that for every record. The problem is, when you speed a record up or down, it’s in a different key. How do I mix harmonically if I’m switching speeds all the time? I keyed every record in the same BPM so no matter what speed the turntables were, you knew the keys were matching.”

ENDO contributed to Mixed In Key’s algorithm by sending them 200 tracks a month that he played, figured out the key to manually on the piano and delivering his results. His contributions helped improve the accuracy of the algorithm.

From here ENDO went on to work with Native Instruments as a DJ product specialist and artist trainer. He has taught the ropes to everyone: Dubfire, Sasha, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, DJ Skribble, Josh Wink, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Dan, DJ Craze, LMFAO, Diplo, Lee Burridge, MSTRKRFT, Carl Cox, David Morales, Victor Calderone, Felix Da Housecat, among many others.

The Instructor

ENDO also has numerous on-line tutorials on Dubspot, which to date have over four million views, and from which he gets positive feedback from regularly. These include his DJ tutorials on Traktor—including the first ever on-line DJ course, “Digital DJing With Traktor,” with DJ Shiftee. As the first person to be known for figuring out how to sync Ableton and Traktor as well as Ableton and Maschine, ENDO evolved DJing for both Native Instruments programs, and has detailed Dubspot videos—the first of their kind—on these DJing methods.

Furthermore, ENDO created a revolutionary Maschine mapping for Traktor. After having the most downloaded mapping system, he set up MIDI Monsters, where he presents his evolutionary mappings as he creates them.

Disruptive Booking Agency

As is ENDO’s way, he sees issues where others aren’t aware of them, and sets about fixing those, creating a smooth terrain for creativity. Enter his latest venture, the booking app, AGNT. Aimed at DJs and promoters, the handy platform came about after ENDO’s extensive tour managing experience for the likes of Sasha, Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire, Sharam, Pete Tong, among others. Geared toward simplifying the process of booking, the barrage of negotiation e-mails are taken out of the equation with the app having all the information built in. From availability to fees, timeslots to payment, press pack to music, AGNT is all-inclusive. The app also allows DJs to bid for gigs, promoters to find the best DJs in their genre, and all users to rate each other.

“We initially made the app for DJs who don’t have an agent,” says ENDO of AGNT which he developed with Edmonton promoter, Viet Nguyen. Months prior to its launch date the app has 4,000 users signed up, and counting. “Agents don’t want to represent an artist who is making $200 a night. It’s not worth it. We’re giving them the chance to have representation and protection from getting screwed over. Also, there are a lot of DJs I look up to who got pushed out by agents and not getting gigs. AGNT is going to help revive their careers. And now, we have a lot of big DJs coming to us saying, ‘We want to use this.’

He continues, “With the rating system, everybody is going to be accountable. It will hopefully solve the problem of not talented DJs getting bookings and help good DJs rise to the top.”

UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

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UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

UK bad boy of dance Ben Nicky is a DJ and producer from Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol, United Kingdom. Born Benjamin Nikki Reginald Wederell, Armin van Buuren nicknamed him,

the bad boy of dance.

Ben is without a doubt the standout on the global trance scene. He catapulted himself into the limelight to transcend the genre. Not only is Ben talented behind the decks and in the studio, but also has a formidable digital media prowess. Consequently, he made his mark by outselling his peers to become one of the most sought-after artists on the globe.

Ben’s success lies in his adoring fanbase. His fans are young, excitable and full of energy. When he arrives in their cities, they flock to his shows. Consequently, his shows sell out worldwide from the UK to Argentina, Asia to Australia, and the United States. The fans are the reason he has catapulted past his contemporaries.

We alluded to Ben’s digital presence. His viral videos from these encapsulating performances rack up millions of views online. They are shared across all social media platforms so that he is ever present on your timeline.

Ben’s well-constructed DJ sets keep his audience locked in. He fuses classics with current drops in his unique ‘Headf**k mashups. He adds twists and turns in his musical journey, but also making it very dancefloor friendly. As a result, he appeals to the masses turning each set into a unique audio experience. Hailing from the trance scene, Ben is never content to stick to just one style. Having diversified his sound to cover a diverse range of styles within his sets including his ‘Headf**k Xtreme’ sets and ‘Techf**k’ sets. His musical range flow from techno to trance up to the harder styles.

With his itinerary undoubtedly the busiest in the trance scene, 2017 saw Ben perform at every major festival. Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Creamfields. Scheduled at notable venues including Marquee in Sydney and Las Vegas, Avalon in Hollywood, Amnesia in Ibiza, Zouk in Kuala Lumpur and Ministry of Sound in London. He spun at his first solo arena show at the SSE arena in Belfast Northern Ireland to over 9000 people in October. Ben has already surpassed many household names to take command of new territories in the likes of Northern Ireland, Australia & Malaysia where he has become an icon to his young fanbase, bringing waves of new generations into the scene!

Ben released singles on some of the most prominent labels in the industry. The names include Ultra, Spinnin, Armada, VANDIT Records, Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings, and Who’s Afraid of 138?!

Electronic Dance Music Duo Tritonal

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Tritonal_940x350_bio 2

Electronic Dance Music Duo Tritonal

Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros formed the electronic dance music duo Tritonal in 2008. They released their early works on labels Anjunabeats, Levare Recordings, Alter Ego Records, Stellar Sound, Spundae Music, Garuda, Air Up There Recordings, and Enhanced Music.

Tritonal acquired Enhanced Music in 2013. They had many vital works on Enhanced, but the critically acclaimed Metamorphic EP trilogy may be the most important. Metamorphic featured fan favorites, ‘Follow Me Home’ and ‘Now or Never.’

‘Now or Never’ broke into the top five on Billboard’s Airplay Dance Chart. Three other tracks, ‘Anchor,’ ‘Colors,’ and ‘Untouchable’ also charted in the top 5.

Tritonal’s connection with their fans has ensured that their music resonates with them, whether musical purists or mass crowds. Their successful formula has three components:

  1. compelling songwriting
  2. innovative productions
  3. exuberant performances


With every release, Tritonal transcends their previous works. In March 2013, they released their EP Metamorphic I, which included the progressive house tracks, ‘Bullet That Saved Me,’ ‘Bring Me Home,’ and ‘Deep Into Black.’ In May 2013, Tritonal announced the Metamorphic Tour phase 1 dates. Phase 2 of the tour landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday, August 30, 2013.

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

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Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

Taking the world by storm is Belgian melancholic techno artist Charlotte de Witte. She has a vision for her music and models her career to bring that idea to life. Her work ethic has her torching dance floors across Europe every weekend with her aggressive techno sets.

After conquering Europe, Asia, and Canada, the rest of the world is calling. Next stop for Charlotte: World Domination! She is that rare breed of DJ who can perform on the most significant stages as well as the sweatiest underground raves.

With all of her accomplishments thus far, her heart belongs to the underground techno scene and her home of Belgium. She is humble and maintains a sense of stewardship if you will, with up and coming talent. She has a Saturday night radio show, ‘Playground Charlotte de Witte’ on Studio Brussel. Studio Brussel is Belgium’s leading radio station. She has a residency, ‘KNTXT’ at Fuse nightclub, which has been a staple in the Brussels techno since 1994. She uses these opportunities to showcase music from lesser known artists.


Best Producer #1 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Radio #2 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Artist Of The Year #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Song #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best DJ #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Song #1 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2015
Tomorrow In The Papers #2 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2014


Her hometown of Ghent, Belgium, had an immense impact on her life. The underground nightlife and quality festivals enticed her to become a DJ. She realized the importance only recently of growing up in Belgium. She found New Beat and rave culture influenced her later music.

Charlotte has an affinity for melancholic music. She enjoys tracks with breakable, fragile voices. Her favorite artists for such music are James Blake, Bob Moses, Dillon, Lera Lynn, Julia Stone, and Rhye. Someday, she hopes to collaborate with them as she feels her techno would be a great match.

The Producer

Charlotte started producing music about five years ago. After DJ’ing for some time, she found a need to understand the music. She wanted to know what made a track work, so she delved deep within herself to find the essence of music. Producing gave her another vehicle to reveal herself through melancholy techno.

Making music really gives me a chance to tap into the more emotional side of electronic music that I love. Music that has that melancholic side to it, I just find it so much more interesting, whether DJ’ing, producing or just listening myself at home.

Melancholic Techno

Charlotte chooses the names of her tracks by two methods. She merely uses the word most oft-repeated or waits for the emotion the song elicits. For instance, the title track, ‘Weltschmerz,’ of her first EP is a German word. The German author, Jean Paul, defined Weltschmerz as, ‘the feeling experienced by someone who believes that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind.’ Charlotte was overcome by melancholy and appropriately named the track.

The inspiration for naming her song ‘Brussels’ was a conversation she overheard. While at a noodle bar in the city, she heard a woman talk about her boyfriend gone on a night out. The woman said,

And I looked into his eyes, and he was gone. I didn’t know what to do.

The words imprinted on her mind and they fit this song.

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte


UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

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UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

UK EDM DJ Producer Lange was born Stuart Langelaan in Shrewsbury, England in the county of Shropshire, in June 1974. His career began in 1997, signing his first recording contract with Additive Records in the UK. He achieved early popularity with a collection of releases attracting the attention of industry leaders such as Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules.

Lange is recognized as one of the most influential dance artists of the past decade; a DJ who has remained at the forefront of the scene throughout his career and a producer that continues to push all boundaries. After an exhausting list of achievements, counting among them 20 UK top 40s, featuring on a film soundtrack, and remixing mainstream artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Faithless, Lange remains one of the world’s leading EDM producers.

Lange is a prolific international DJ as well as an exceptional producer and remixer. He has performed for such brands as Insomniac, Cream, Godskitchen, and Gatecrasher. He has graced the stages of Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Gathering, Sziget, Balaton, and A State of Trance. His talent and work ethic have seen him rise to the Top 100 DJ poll for eight years. He has reached number six in the Tranceaddict Top 250 poll.

Lange is an artist that has continued to reinvent himself to take on the evolving dance scene and show any aspiring DJ how to be an industry leader. He has an eclectic, exciting, and driving style influenced by the dance music spectrum from trance and progressive, to techno, and electro.

Lange brought his Harmonic Motion album tour to the Eden Terrace at Nocturnal Nightclub. He was supported by Miami local DJs ElementOne and Cezar G.

Chicago House Music DJ/Producer Topher Jones

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Topher Jones bio 2

Chicago House Music DJ Producer Topher Jones

Chicago House Music DJ Producer Topher Jones is a breakout American DJ Producer poised to take the country by storm and put Chicago back on the map as the house capital of the world. Hailing from the Windy City, Topher’s had originals and remixes on labels such as Ultra, OWSLA, Dim Mak, Garuda, and Spinnin. Not only has he had a Beatport top-10 overall smash, but his tracks receive support from the biggest names in the industry, including Skrillex, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Sander Van Doorn, and Chuckie.

Topher’s music seamlessly crosses musical boundaries as it dips and dives between big room house, dirty baselines, and carefully crafted melodies. A songwriter as well as a producer, Topher has a hand in every aspect of the recording process and takes great pride in creating songs with depth and character.

An Indianapolis native who moved to Chicago after college, Topher continues to attack his craft with the same single-minded passion and determination. When asked about his success, he said, “Hard work trumps everything. Be kind, be courteous, be passionate and be grateful. Hard work with that mentality and a little bit of talent can go a long way.” This mindset not only affects his music but also how Topher interacts with his fans and community as he consistently donates time and money to causes in the greater Chicago area.

Topher’s 2013 was full of original music, remixes, collaborations, and a packed tour schedule that included a 30-date tour with Tritonal’s Metamorphic Tour and a bus tour with Morgan Page.

Current Location
Chicago, Illinois, USA

General Manager

Booking agent
Matt Meyer:

Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas

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Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas

Early Beginnings

Talented Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas, like many of his electronic music DJ Producer brethren, was immersed in music at a young age. By the time he was 15, he had his first turntables and was spinning open format at local house parties. He had an eclectic musical background that included Latin and Caribbean tracks to the urban sounds of Miami. As a result, his sets were inclusive of these various sounds, rhythms, and instruments.

Joseph was more and more exposed to electronic dance music which became his passion. This growing desire led him to the realization that he wanted not only to play the music but live the lifestyle. After his eureka moment, Joseph decided to make his love of DJ/production of electronic dance music an integral part of his life, leaving everything else in the backseat.

The Producer & Visionary

As Joseph honed his electronic dance music DJ skills at house parties and small venues, he transitioned to remixing tracks from some of his EDM influencers. They include Andy Moor, Lange & Fenja – ‘Top of the World,’ Kyau & Albert – ‘Do You Still Know,’ and tyDi – ‘The Moment It Breaks.’ He has collaborated with vocal artists Betsie Larkin, Jaren, and Tania Zygar.

As a producer, Joseph’s first studio wares were quickly snapped up by the likes of Armada Music and Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings. Joseph’s artistic side, combined with cutting-edge technology and production methods, evolved exponentially. His sound is a unique combination of euphoric melody and twinned with floor-kick energy. His style pushes listeners to the redline of emotion and exhilaration. Some of his original work include ‘Parvenu,’ ‘For An Instant,’ ‘Beluga,’ and most recently released on a State of Trance, ‘Void of Self.’ His tracks continue to receive significant and sustained support from the scene’s upper echelon.

While tech house was trendy in Miami leading up to 2010, Joseph’s love of trance led him to the conclusion that Miami needed a trance night. He became co-founder with his Los Angeles partners of Element Entertainment, now Prime Entertainment Ventures. They established Night Shift on the Eden Terrace at Nocturnal Nightclub, now Heart Nightclub. Night Shift led to subsequent nights at Grand Central and Pure Ultra Lounge, official WMC events, to Off The Hookah and Fate Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. He provided support for Kyau & AlbertStoneface & Terminal, Andy Moor, Lange, and Myon & Shane 54, just to name a few. He’s graced the decks at Space and Imperia in Miami.

The Recording Label, Arisa Audio

Joseph also went on to establish his recording label, Arisa Audio with Faruk Sabanci. DJ Magazine described Arisa Audio as,

one of the most promising new trance labels around

Arisa Audio led to other labels Metanoia Music, Arisa Lifting, Intricate Music and Harmonic Breeze. After nearly a decade and one hundred forty releases, Joseph’s on-going mission for Arisa Audio is to deliver the highest quality, most forward-looking electronic music possible to dance floors and music lovers alike.

Joseph’s love of the musical journey leads him to one ultimate goal: to provide beautiful electronic dance music to the universe. Enjoy his latest release, ‘Void of Self’ released on A State of Trance and played by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 839.


Joseph Areas – Void of Self (Original Mix) Released on A State of Trance