Otto Orlandi Oddest Goddess

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Otto Orlandi Oddest Goddess

Otto Orlandi Oddest Goddess

Otto Orlandi Oddest Goddess is our future bass track of the month for June 2018. Oddest Goddess is a collaboration with The Chordz and features the vocals of Ayah Marar. Recorded and released on O Music Recordings and Sony Music Entertainment on May 18, 2018.

Oddest Goddess has a smooth and magnificent groove. It is a successful fusion of electro, trap, and pop. The melodic softness tempers Ayah’s strong vocals. Electro house makes up the energetic drop.

The Italian DJ Producer Ottavio (Otto) Orlandi has a degree in sound design from Como, Italy’s Music Academy. Otto is best known for his collaborations with Thomas Newson and Melanie Fontana on ‘Bells At Midnight’ and ManyFew and Melanie Fontana on ‘Don’t Miss You.’ ‘Don’t Miss You’ peaked on iTunes Italy at number seven and streamed 2.6 million times on Spotify. Titans of the industry Hardwell, Nicky Romero, W&W, Blasterjaxx, and Don Diablo have incorporated Otto’s music in either their DJ sets or radio shows.

Ayah Marar, also known as the Queen of Bass is a Jordanian singer, songwriter, performer, radio show host and label owner based full-time in the UK. She has recorded tracks with the likes of Calvin Harris, DJ Fresh, Camo & Krooked, Bassline Smith, Dilemn, and Jack Peñate.


Pryda Elements EP

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Pryda Elements EP

Pryda Elements EP

Pryda Elements EP is the latest release from Swedish progressive house music DJ Producer Eric Prydz. This EP is hotly anticipated and long overdue. Considered a true master of progressive house music, he is believed to be one of the most talented producers of his time. Instead of choosing one single for our progressive house music track of the month for May 2018, we chose this EP in its entirety.

Elements provide his fans with four songs true to his sound. They run the spectrum of sounds from beautiful bright synths to deep dark bass. It’s a perfect mixture of industrial and grimy with progressive and soulful. Each track builds toward Olympian heights at lengths no shorter than six minutes. This EP is magnificent and precisely what differentiates Pryda from the rest of the world.

The four tracks are:

1. ‘Elements,’ at 8:08 is a trek into progressive house.
2. ‘Obsessive Progressive,’ at 8:34 is a melancholy mood of brooding synths.
3. ‘The HoaX,’ at 7:27 is a techno track of epic proportions.
4. ‘Project L.O.V.E,’ is the shortest track at 6:13 and has a limitless sound and leaves you on a higher note.

You can listen to ‘Elements’ below directly from Eric Prydz’s Soundcloud page. If you haven’t already done so, follow that page.

You can sample the other three tracks at Beatport.

Will Crockford Chasing Cities

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Chasing Cities Banner

Will Crockford Chasing Cities

Will Crockford Chasing Cities with Rosie Darling released on May 11, 2018, on Chroma Records is our EDM track of the month for May 2018. Rosie provides her sultry vocals on this offering.

Her voice is delicate but confident, and it fits the theme of this song perfectly.

The inspiration for this song came from Rosie’s difficulties of living in a big city, separated from her love. She spent the Summer of 2017 living in Nashville, Tennessee. Will wanted to create a melody appropriately emotional enough to convey that message.

One interesting tidbit is that they created this track in pieces. Will and Rosie were never together. She sent him an acapella of the first verse. Will wrote the instrumental around the acapella verse. Rosie took Will’s version and re-recorded a full release in acapella with harmonies and adlibs.

Will took the pieces provided by Rosie and assembled them into the final version. Will painstakingly worked to bring the vocals into the sound he wanted. Though it was Rosie’s song, she allowed Will carte blanche to be creative.

Will said of working with Rosie,

She’s such a talented artist, and her voice is so unique that when it came time to put it together, it all flowed very easily.

Gabriel and Dresden Underwater

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Underwater Tinlicker Remix

Gabriel and Dresden Underwater

Gabriel and Dresden Underwater featuring Jan Burton, Tinlicker Remix is our progressive house track of the month for May 2018. Originally released on their iTunes dance album The Only Road (2017), the Tinlicker rework of Underwater has a release date of May 1, 2018, on the Anjunabeats label.

Of their sound, Dresden said,

It is always about being timeless.

Gabriel affirmed,

We don’t pay much attention to trends. We choose sounds and words that…will mean something to a lot of people and…make them put their hands in the air.

Gabriel & Dresden have an extensive soundscape, profoundly euphoric vocalist, and an infectious bass line. This Dutch rework preserves the hallmarks of their unique sound while deriving a new conflagration to the electronic dance music scene.


The Dutch duo Tinlicker, comprised of Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven from Utrecht, Netherlands, worked their progressive magic on this dance floor bomb. A rare talent, Tinlicker’s sound is at home on either Anjuna label.

A pulsating, groove-heavy rework, this is another dance floor oriented remix.

Electronic synths make your introduction. Jan Burton’s deep yet sensual voice slowly follows. You get a sense of the synthesizer sounds of the 1980s from the likes of Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Human League, and New Order. The elemental sounds of Tinlicker shine through though.

‘Underwater’ repeats, and at 122 bpm, the synths nearly feel like you’re swimming slowly in a deep and calm ocean. At the midpoint, Burton’s vocals speak and the pulsing bass returns.

Amelie Lens Stay With Me

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amelie lens stay with me

Amelie Lens Stay With Me

Amelie Lens Stay With Me EP features an excellent remix by Perc of the title track. It is our techno track of the month for March 2018. Amelie returned to Pan-Pot’s label, Second State. Second State is close-knit techno label showcasing Pan-Pot’s work, as well as works from some of their closest peers.

They described Amelie’s latest EP as,

Her return was imminent. Now she’s back, and like her current rise among the industry’s elite, Amelie Lens delivers an astonishing three tracker of her signature pulse-pounding expeditions. Pair that with a massive remix by the legendary Perc and you’ve got ‘Stay With Me,’ an EP headed straight for the charts.

One way to describe Perc’s remix of ‘Stay With Me’ is that it has a squelchy acid techno bassline. Even though repetition exists, it still has a sense of randomness to it.

Andre Saint Albin Empty Promises

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Andre Saint Albin Empty Promises
Andre Saint Albin EDC Las Vegas

Andre Saint Albin Empty Promises

Andre Saint Albin Empty Promises is our progressive house track of the month for April 2018. Born in Paris, France, Andre or commonly known as Dre, resides in Miami, Florida. Dre honed his craft in nightclubs in France, Spain, and Korea. He performed at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014.

Dre has been making quite a name for himself as of late. He has been driving his fusion of electro and progressive sound to the forefront. First was his debut EP, ’37,’ which he debuted at EDC Las Vegas 2014. ’37’ reached numbers 21 and 28 on the Electro Chart and Progressive House Chart respectively. The single ‘Watt’ reached number 21 on the Electro House Chart and Top 50 on the dance charts in Spain. “Watt” ranked in the Top 100 song downloads and is currently #18260 in all-time MP3 Downloads on Amazon.

Classified as progressive house, Dre’s latest single ‘Empty Promises’ is more akin to big room or mainstage. The beautiful melody and vocals provide an emotional atmosphere. The crescendo or drops get you dancing.

You were living in, a world of make believe
And I tried so hard, to make you believe
But I was stuck,
In between,
you and your broken dreams
Now I’m watching you fall down, right in front of me
Now I’m watching you fall down, breaking at the seams
Now I’m watching you fall down, breaking at the seams

Tell… me…..
Nothing else but you beeee – lieveeee in me

You got caught up feeling like you’re never there
And I tried to be there
Empty promises that show me you don’t care
But all I need
is a single word…
A single thought
forever there,

Telllll… meeee….
Yoooou… believe….
You believe in more than you can seeeeee
Now I’m watching you fall down, right in front of me

Now I’m watching you fall down, breaking at the seams

Tell… me….. No-thing…. No-thing else but you be – lieve in me

Brent Rix Borealis

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Brent Rix Borealis Trance Release March 2018

Brent Rix Borealis

Brent Rix Borealis original mix is our trance track of March 2018. Rix has boundless energy, and he channeled it into his incendiary trance creation, ‘Borealis.’

This offering is unique, and trance fans should not miss it. ‘Borealis’ has a fervent sound from beginning to end.

Energetic madness coupled with a signature lead and an out of this world atmosphere that’ll have you ready at your core.


Currently, ‘Borealis’ is number two on the STEEM SL Uplifting Trance Chart Volume 67. Jakob Celar, aka Steem SL is a trance producer from Slovenia.


‘Borealis’ was released on March 12, 2018, on TAR#138 records. TAR#138 is a sub-division of Trance All-Stars Records, which is in the Czech Republic and founded in 2009. Other sub-labels include Beyond the Stars Recordings, Cinesphere Records, Liquid Energy Digital, and Reclublic Recordings.

Trance All-Stars Records releases music from well-known industry leaders. They also are always looking for new talent. If you have something to offer the world of trance, you can send your demos to

Brent Rix – Borealis (Original Mix) [TAR#138]


Rodriguez Jr An Evidence of Time Claude VonStroke Remix Deep House Track of the Month January 2018

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An Evidence of Time

Rodriguez Jr An Evidence of Time Claude VonStroke Remix Deep House Track of the Month January 2018

Rodriguez Jr An Evidence of Time Claude VonStroke Remix is our deep house track of January 2018. The album ‘Baobab,’ released in May 2017 on Mobilee Records, contains ten tracks. Released in November 2017 was the follow-up of three remixes.

The headlining remix is An Evidence of Time from Claude VonStroke. The two other tracks are ‘Radion’ (Audiofly Remix) and ‘Baobab’ (Tim Green Remix).

New Citizens proclaimed

The Dirtybird Records boss has kept the foreboding feel of the original, including the low-slung acid wobbles, but with a beefed up beat and an overarching, all-consuming theme.

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

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Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

Our techno track of the month for January 2018 is ‘Black Beauty’ from Hidden Empire. Released on November 24, 2017, on Oliver Koletzki’s Berlin-based label Stil vor Talent is known for releasing dreamy house to complex electronica and floor-shaking techno. ‘Black Beauty’ falls nicely into the floor-shaking techno category.

Hidden Empire comprises the duo of Branko and Niklas and released a three-song EP, Build Your Empire. The EP of three original offerings channels a profoundly moving soundscape.

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track

‘Black Beauty’ begins immediately with an enthusiastic groove. The deep monstrous bassline rolls in from the first bars. It is an alluring journey into the vast depths of dark techno.

Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus Still Searching PsyTrance Track of the Month January 2018

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Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus Still Searching PsyTrance

Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus Still Searching PsyTrance track of the Month January 2018 released on Iboga Records.

Iboga Records released the latest single from Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus on January 26th, 2018. The single, ‘Still Searching,’ has found the jazzy side of progressive psytrance. The track combines jazz melodies with rolling basslines. The result is a dance-worthy tune with just enough twerk to not take itself too seriously.

There is a bonus in the funky techno version, ‘Stomping Ground.’
You can listen to both below.