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Blossom & DecayI found this early release of Matt Darey featuring Kate Louise Smith – I Still Remember (MuseArtic Remix) from his soon to be released artist album, “Blossom & Decay.”  Listening to this, I tried to think of a way to describe it.  I found an excellent description of the album, which I think describes this track beautifully, on the armadamusic website.

“Blossom & Decay gathers all those years of musical involvement, passion for the groove and feel for melody. It tells you about Matt’s love for deep progressive, breaths the rhythm of a melodic tide and washes over with alluring soundscapes, all driven by the beat. Featuring vocals by the likes of Kate Louise Smith, Leah, Ashley Tomberlin, Kirsty Thirsk, Sir Adrian and others, you’ll be led by soulful lyrics and thought-provoking songwriting. Matt Darey’s album is full of lush collaborations, pumping remixes and genre bending originals.”

I then thought to myself, hmmmm, let’s see what else I can find.  Low and behold, soundcloud.  Here is a one hour portion of Nocturnal 363, which includes some of the new tracks.  It was a joy to listen to.