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House Grooves Duo Adriatique

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house grooves duo adriatique
Adriatique by Amanda Nikolic

House Grooves Duo Adriatique

House grooves duo Adriatique are Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. They met in 2008 while DJing at the 90’s in southern Germany. Two unique individuals with kindred spirits, each seeming to possess the qualities the other lacks. They are talented individuals, but together they are phenomenal. Shala’s house music is an excellent fit for Schweizer’s minimal techno style.

Two Individuals

Adrian Shala grew up in the western part of Austria. His cousin Patrick Bo was a house music DJ. His style was a deep afro-house. Shala’s earliest influence was listening and watching Patrick make a mixtape. He accompanied Patrick to a house party that he wasn’t supposed to attend. The vibes of the underground dance scene left an indelible mark. He commented,

I felt like I had been born a second time.

Shala honed his skills at home, and by the time he was seventeen, he played his first gig, the youngest guy in the club! As success begets success, he went on to concerts in Austria and southern Germany through 2008. , but we were both impressed with each other’s set and found we had a connection with each other. From there, we became friends.

Adrian Schweizer’s first foray into electronic music was with trance in 2002. He received a pair of 1210s; we’re assuming Technics 1210 turntables. From 2002 to 2005 he practiced his newfound love. In 2005, his dream of spinning in nightclubs came true. For the next three years, he selectorized in Swiss nightclubs.

One Duo: Adriatique

As Providence would have it, both Adrians booked at the same time in the same place. In 2008, they brought their respective styles to the same dark DJ booth. They met and respected each other’s set, a reciprocal connection felt, and a friendship was born. This mutual respect for each other’s music would be the foundation for the subsequent launch of their label, Siamese Records.

Adriatique began producing music in 2009. Neither Adrians produced music as solo artists. In describing their sound, Shala is at somewhat of a loss for words. There isn’t a plan to deliver house or techno. They bring to the studio their ideas and fuse them together. Shala’s soulful vocal house sound with Schweizer’s techno.

The break out year for them was 2012. From the energetic atmosphere of Diynamic beach at Off Sonar to their six performances at Neon Nights in Ibiza. The release of their two EPs ‘Bodymovin’ on Diynamic and ‘Face To Face’ on Culprit.

Siamese Records

Eights years of friendship and collaboration saw the birth of their label, Siamese Records in 2016. Their imprint releases their music as well as music of other producers. While first and foremost a music label, SIAMESE does not want to limit itself to the art of music. A typical label night includes musical artists from that label and their music is showcased. A Siamese Records night includes the creative encounter of audio and visual.

The music isn’t the only component. Adriatique’s love for the art as it encompasses the event as a whole. As well as the DJ Producers, the visual and performance artists are collaborators and spotlighted as well.


Cazztek If You Really Wanna House Music Track of the Month January 2018

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Cazztek If You Really Wanna House Music Track of the Month January 2018

Cazztek If You Really Wanna House Music Track of the Month January 2018

Cazztek If You Really Wanna House Music Track of the Month January 2018 featured lyricist Kiyoshi. This house track was released on January 12, 2018, on Tchami’s label, Confession.

Cazztek described the track as follows:

I had such a strong response with ‘Came To Get Funky’ that I wanted to take the core of the sound design I created with it and push the envelope even further, while also using an unusual element that makes you try to figure out if it’s a fluke or some sort of pitched brass, which interjects a middle eastern flare to the beat. Fuse it with some lyrical hip-hop flow from the mastermind Kiyoshi and you’ve got something no one’s ever heard before. When I showed this to Tchami for consideration on Confession, it was an immediate ‘Yes.’

Chicago House Music DJ/Producer Topher Jones

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Topher Jones bio 2

Chicago House Music DJ Producer Topher Jones

Chicago House Music DJ Producer Topher Jones is a breakout American DJ Producer poised to take the country by storm and put Chicago back on the map as the house capital of the world. Hailing from the Windy City, Topher’s had originals and remixes on labels such as Ultra, OWSLA, Dim Mak, Garuda, and Spinnin. Not only has he had a Beatport top-10 overall smash, but his tracks receive support from the biggest names in the industry, including Skrillex, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Sander Van Doorn, and Chuckie.

Topher’s music seamlessly crosses musical boundaries as it dips and dives between big room house, dirty baselines, and carefully crafted melodies. A songwriter as well as a producer, Topher has a hand in every aspect of the recording process and takes great pride in creating songs with depth and character.

An Indianapolis native who moved to Chicago after college, Topher continues to attack his craft with the same single-minded passion and determination. When asked about his success, he said, “Hard work trumps everything. Be kind, be courteous, be passionate and be grateful. Hard work with that mentality and a little bit of talent can go a long way.” This mindset not only affects his music but also how Topher interacts with his fans and community as he consistently donates time and money to causes in the greater Chicago area.

Topher’s 2013 was full of original music, remixes, collaborations, and a packed tour schedule that included a 30-date tour with Tritonal’s Metamorphic Tour and a bus tour with Morgan Page.

Current Location
Chicago, Illinois, USA

General Manager

Booking agent
Matt Meyer:

Italian House Music DJ/Producer Alex Kenji

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Italian House Music DJ Producer Alex Kenji

Italian House Music DJ Producer Alex Kenji

Italian house music DJ Producer Alex Kenji, born Alessandro Bacci, is well known the world over for his infectious style of house music. His DJ sets offer an impeccable fusion of house and tech-house, going from deep grooves to techno. He has delighted fans all over Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He is loved in the United States and is often seen in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

Alessandro has many other aliases he produces under; Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, and Itchy Bit.

Some of his most celebrated releases are ‘UP,’ ‘A Lot Of,’ ‘Adelante,’ ‘Gimme Five,’ and ‘Pressure,’ all reaching #1 in the Beatport Top 100. Alex has gone on to score an endless stream of over 50 Beatport Top 10 hits. Further testament to his success, ‘Pressure’ won Best Progressive Track at the 2012 International Dance Music Awards. Nominated for Best House Track at the 2012 Beatport Awards was his ‘Get Funky.’

Alex is co-owner with Manuel De La Mare and Marshall of 303Lovers and Hotfingers record labels; these brands have sold more than 300,000 units on music web stores, mostly via Beatport since first launching in August 2007. Alex has overseen collaborations with both independent and major labels including Toolroom, EMI, Spinnin Records, Universal, Ultra and many more.

With over 100 releases to his name, 2 successful record labels and a DJ career that is rocking every corner of the globe, Alex Kenji is ready to make you move!

German House Music DJ Producer Moguai

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German House Music DJ Producer Moguai

House Music DJ Producer MOGUAI

House music DJ Producer Moguai was born André Tegeler on August 9 in Recklinghausen, Germany. In the early 1990s, he organized his parties and club nights in Ruhrgebiet and Münsterland. Organizing his events was and still is an excellent way for rising talent to showcase their abilities.

He was also a pioneer of sorts, being one of the very first techno DJs in Germany. Moguai collaborated with one of his fellow countrymen, producer Jürgen Driessen, in 1994. Together, they released Moguai’s debut EP, ‘Best Before End’ and released it on Important Records.

In 1995, PUNX Studios was born. Moguai partnered with another one of his countrymen, German DJ Producer Phil Fuldner. They released Fuldner’s ‘The Final’ in 1998. ‘The Final’ held the German Top 40 for ten weeks, the first electronic instrumental track to do so.

Concurrently, Moguai expanded his repertoire from producing to remixing. He worked with

Giorgio Moroder
Yves Deruyter
Timo Maas
Planet Funk
Talla 2XLC
Cosmic Baby

In 2002, Moguai reworked two of his tracks for British girl pop bands, Sugababes, and Girls Aloud. The new songs, ‘In The Middle’ and ‘Kinda Ooh’ went double platinum. Following these successes into the foray of pop music, Moguai worked with German electro-pop act, 2raumwohnung in 2005. The single, ‘Sasha (Sex Secret)’ went Gold.

Moguai kicked off 2014 by taking his Punx Up The Volume brand on a tour of both North and South America, including Fort Lauderdale.

Moguai has become one of the most successful German DJ Producers on the planet. He has over 470 credits to his name and has performed globally in such clubs as

Womb (Tokyo)
Razzmatazz (Barcelona)
ExchangeLA (Los Angeles)
Monday Social (Hollywood)
NRG (Amsterdam)
Bed Bangkok (Thailand)
Mansion (Miami)
Supermarket (Zurich)
Club Volume (Seoul)
Zouk (Singapore)
Sunburn (Goa)
EDC (Las Vegas)
Summer Days Festival Tour (Australia)
Kaballah (São Paulo)
Nature One (Kastellaun)
Tomorrowland (Belgium)

Aussie House Music DJ/Producer Hook N Sling

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Aussie House Music DJ Producer Hook N Sling

Aussie House Music DJ Producer Hook N Sling

Aussie House Music DJ Producer Hook N Sling is one of the hottest house music DJs in Australia. He is a world-renowned platinum-selling record producer and is in worldwide demand.

Anthony Maniscalco, aka Hook N Sling reached notoriety in 2007 with an ARIA Music Awards nomination for his production of ‘The Bump.’ He earned a set at We Love Sundays opening party at Space, Ibiza. He also earned a top 5 placing in Australia’s ‘inthemix’ dance music awards.

‘The Bump’ earned accolades from James Zabiela and led to a compilation mix for British label Chew the Fat. DJMag described the compilation as

hooked on this DJ/producer¹s house and breaks collision

He went on to remix ‘Shake It Up’ from Stanton Warriors, which their fans loved. When asked about the remix, Stanton Warriors said ‘Shake It Up’ (Hook N Sling Remix) gets the most significant reaction from their fans,

Booty house – works every time.

A Most Busy Year

In 2008, Anthony completed the ‘Clubber’s Guide to 2008’ for Ministry of Sound. The compilation went Gold which led to a packed production schedule, new music and remixes for Lid Lickers, The Potbelleez, and The Cobra Dukes. He continued a busy touring schedule in his native Australia, as well as extensive dates in the UK, North America, Europe, and again at ‘We Love Sundays.’

In the following years, Anthony’s career continued to blossom, with more singles, remixes, and collaborations, as well as a more frequent touring schedule.

Anthony joined his Aussie brethren The Stafford Brothers on their ‘Aussie Invasion Tour’ in 2013.

Norwegian DJ Producer Fehrplay

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Norwegian Progressive House DJ Producer Fehrplay

Norwegian Progressive House DJ Producer Fehrplay

Norwegian Progressive House DJ Producer Fehrplay, born Jonas Von Der Fehr, has his roots in the Manchester underground scene. He realized that a formal education in music could not provide the real-life experience he believed he needed. Without haste, he replaced his training in music production with an ascent through the UK club circuit. His first release on Cruzaders label was ‘Wejiouna’ in 2009 received accolades from Axwell and Eric Morillo.

Fehrplay’s paramount breakthrough came in 2010 with the release of his original track, ‘Meow.’ It caught the attention and admiration of Pete Tong, who harkened it a new Essential tune contender. It did its job in Miami as well as being crowned the unofficial Miami anthem that year.

In 2011 he released the track ‘Ayita’ on Ministry of Sound, earning airtime on radio stations all over the world.

Pryda Friends

In 2012 he signed with Pryda Friends being only the second producer to receive such an honor. His first EP on Pryda, ‘Incognito’ was released on June 25, 2012. While championing the sound of his peers within the Pryda Friends stronghold, his sound has continued to differentiate itself and added to the label’s powerful grasp on the digital market.

2013 saw the Pryda Friends Tour featuring both of Prydz’s like-minded proteges, Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay. They toured the United States from August through November.

A concoction of cinematic scores and melodic composure, his lust to evoke emotion coherently for the club floor has made his sound difficult to label, but one that continues to thrill amid the press and play generation. With an ethos that a good melody and poignant groove can reign indestructible, the journey from 2012’s ‘Incognito’ to ‘I Can’t Stop,’ ‘Phantom’ and the deep and melodic ‘Monte’ has kept fans and industry tastemakers in awe. From outspoken euphoria to cuts from the playbooks of deep house and techno, his studio repertoire to date plays with unlimited caliber.

In the club, Jonas has shown an encyclopedic musical knowledge. Relishing the opportunity to play personal favorites, new and old, and cuts that never entirely broke into the digital market, his ability to draw music from across the dance music spectrum has proven an undeniable asset. It is this approach has seen him successfully captivate the American market with an agenda as educational to fans new-and-old as it is indicative of fuelling global club land and its ever-expanding dance floors.

On the eve of reclaiming and redefining modern progressive house music, Fehrplay is not resting. Expect high profile collaborations, further North American unearthing, and an extended global spree.

Spanish House Music DJ-Producer Fernando Campo

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DJ Fernando Campo
Iberican Sound

Spanish house music DJ-Producer Fernando Campo, like his compadres at Stereo Productions, started djing at a young age. He was a resident at the tender age of seventeen. Even though he did not have the tools to produce, he overcame that lost time and has released tracks on such labels as:

He finds his Iberican Sound in the moments he creates. Which is to say the portal to inspiration and love of the music opens when he’s spinning to a crowded dancefloor or producing a track.

One of our favorite tracks is “Feel The Bass.” The sum of this outing with its smooth deep edges and groove is the complete realization of Fernando’s Iberican Sound. He tailored the lead vox in mesmerizing fashion, taking us into a labyrinth of sound. Feel the synth and percussion grab hold of you and release. And those with high aural skills will appreciate the crafty push of a deep mid end bassline from all angles.

Defined as deep house, arguably tech house. It is, however, Iberican Sound, furthering the movement that is taking the world by storm.

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DJ Fernando Campo

Miami House Music Artist DJ Patrick M

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DJ Patrick M
Iberican Sound


Born in the coastal town of Punta Alta, Argentina, Marcelo Morana, better known as DJ Patrick M, played his first club gig at the early age of sixteen. 


He became active in the Buenos Aires underground scene at El Divino, now Opera Bay, and Clooby in Brazil. His deep funky house style and performances influenced the house music scene wherever he went. His love of house and tech house made him an excellent fit for the Iberican Sound.


He took what he learned and developed from South America to Miami, Florida, in 2003, and has been a bedrock of the house music scene there ever since. He expanded his horizons with residencies at Mynt, Rumi, Nikki Beach, Opium Garden, Crobar, Nerve, and Space. His performance at Creamfields in 2005 may be one of his most memorable appearances. He currently can be found spinning in Miami and South America.


With all of his successes, Patrick M is humble and gracious, giving thanks to,


“First God, my family, my booking agents, promoters, club owners. They gave me always the opportunity. The resident DJs which I learn all the time, you know I go and listen to them. When I have free time I try to go and listen, not only the resident DJs, but the guests, you know, looking online all the time. I’ve been very very thankful for all of them.”


He has tracks and collaborations with many of the hottest artists and record labels in dance music, including but not limited to,



Released this year on Stereo Productions, is the tech house track, “Damage.” The clever use of pads prancing in and out of the thick bottom bassline wrap your ears from the get-go. Never to forget that syncopating vox from high to mid and mid to low drives itself through the traffic in ample subtlety. Combined, the thick bassline, vocals, and mid-low end bass groove fully embody this cleverly crafted monster. This track was purposely engineered to cause sheer damage when dropped upon the masses.


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DJ Patrick M

Tech House Artisan Oscar de Rivera

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Oscar de Rivera
Iberican Sound


DJ-Producer Oscar de Rivera exemplifies the characteristics of what’s known as the Iberican Sound. Constancy is a word used to describe Oscar, which I found fascinating. Constancy is the,


“quality of being unwavering as in purpose, love, or loyalty; firmness of mind, faithfulness.”


His love of and commitment to are the motivating factors in producing the Stereo Sound. And this is a common theme among the artists close to Chus & Ceballos. Their sole focus is finding a distinct sound incorporating all expressions of house music and techno. It’s as if Iberican Sound is a genre.


Oscar de Rivera shows no mercy to his avid followers with his monstrous tech house offering, “Who I Am,” out on Stereo Productions. He turns all knobs to high heat, blending down the groove and vox to the perfect auditory perception. His prescription for those primed and ready to destroy the dance floor is the four to the floor kick drum and deep percussive innuendos. The low-end bassline groove is sophisticated and complex. It’s elusive, but still, augments each beat giving us a glimpse inside the mind of this brilliant producer.


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Oscar de Rivera