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The Tech House Spaniard, Dennis Cruz DJ

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The Tech House Spaniard, Dennis Cruz DJ

The Tech House Spaniard Dennis Cruz DJ

The Tech House Spaniard Dennis Cruz DJ began his career at the age of 17, like many of his countrymen, while also studying to be a sound engineer. By his early 20’s, he had experience in the studio producing tracks for hip-hop artists and rock bands.

He honed his musical style over the years by molding his many diverse influences. He channeled his style, influences, and experiences into his Iberican Sound. He takes his fans on a musical journey in each of his DJ sets that brings emotions to life on dance floors across Europe to Russia, the Mediterranean, the Americas, and Australia.

In time, he became a pillar of the tech house world, setting trends and creating sounds. He earned accolades from Beatport, Resident Advisor, and Vicious Music Awards in 2015 and 2016. 2017 looks to be another exciting year for him and his fans.

He has tracks with some of the hottest labels in the scene, including but not limited to,

  • Stereo Productions
  • Snatch!
  • Moan
  • Deeperfect
  • Suruba X
  • Solid Grooves
  • Glasgow Underground
  • Suara
  • Lemon-Aid

One of our favorites is the tech house track, ‘Mad,’ out on Stereo Productions. A catchy vox intertwine in and in between the percussion on this monster track can be quickly deemed as pristine and bright as the Blue Lake of South Australia. The new offering from the musical mind of the incredibly diverse Dennis Cruz has a driving force behind the drum patterns that can steer a locomotive off its rails. The layers of white noise embedding this piece have enough tension to make the bravest of late night alumni surrender.

(Oiginal Mix)
(Dennis Cruz)Dennis Cruz, Prime Entertainment Ventures


UK Tech House DJ Producer Paolo Mojo

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UK Tech House DJ Producer Paolo Mojo
Paolo Mojo

UK Tech House DJ Producer Paolo Mojo

UK tech house DJ Producer Paolo Mojo was born Paul Bimson in St. Helens, Merseyside, England and based in London, United Kingdom. His aliases include Parade and Paul Bimson. His style incorporates techno, house, electro, acid, funk, breaks, and disco.

Paolo mixed Renaissance Digital 01, which was the first DJ mix exclusive to iTunes. He even compiled EQ Recordings’s Balance 009. Pete Tong named Paolo one of the hottest producers in 2008 on his show, BBC Radio One. Paolo also has two very popular mixes for Tong’s Essential Mixes as well.

Paolo Mojo is one of the leading lights in the underground house music scene. He has a massive global following and a consistent production schedule that keeps him in demand worldwide. This hectic touring schedule amassed him a formidable global fan base. He graced the decks in such nightclubs as Womb in Tokyo, Ministry of Sound in London, Avalon in Los AngelesEden Terrace at Nocturnal in Miami, Warung Beach in Brazil, Wonderland in Ibiza, Chinese Laundry in Sydney, and Zouk in Singapore.

Indefatiguable Work Ethic

Paolo has an extraordinary work ethic in the studio. His special re-edits are endless. He’s an innovative DJ with enviable technical ability. His hard work, talent, innovation, and drive for perfection results in a high profile discography. In turn, he is amassing a substantial loyal underground fanbase. These factors will ensure he remains a star of the scene for many years to come.

Paolo’s label Oosh is at the center of his work. Two of his releases earned the title BBC Essential New Tune by Pete Tong. ‘JMJ’ (2007) and ‘Sirena’ (2008) earned the title ‘Top Tunes of the Summer’ for their respective years by Tong as well. He has two top ten hits in Beatport.

The label has expanded to include the cream of house and techno producers such as Wally Lopez, Rene Amesz, DJ Yellow, Noir, Jim Rivers, Juan Sanchez, King Unique, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Saeed Younan. It also included the first Paolo Mojo ‘Ten To One’ compilation release in February 2011. His associated podcast Ooshcast has become one of the most popular downloads since its launch in December 2009.

Notable Releases

In 2010, he released ‘Crazy For you’ on Noir, ‘Disco Kiss’ on Hysterical, and ‘He’s The Man’ on Younan Music. He followed these releases with remixes of Saeed Younan’s ‘DC 2 MIA’, and Rainer Weichold’s ‘Tango For Noemi’ for German label Great Stuff.

In 2011 Pete Tong’s Essential Selection playlisted ‘Mmmm Daaa,’ which released in Spring under Strictly Rhythm. His much-hyped ‘All Night, Alright’ released in June on hot Italian label 303 Lovers. 303 Lovers is home to Manuel De La Mare, and Alex Kenji, who subsequently remixed the track. Finally, his ‘Welcome To the Factory’ sampling track of the same name has been personally approved by Angel Moraes and released on Chus & Ceballos’s Stereo Productions label.

Elsewhere, his track ‘1983’ released in 2012 on Eric Prydz’s Pryda Friends has become a true club classic. He’s also released tracks on Pryda and Mouseville (the only ‘outside’ artist to do so) and a varied and vast list of other labels. Bedrock, Saved, NRK, Cr2, Toolroom, Renaissance, Great Stuff, Positiva, EQ Recordings, Factomania, Little Mountain, Curfew Nervous, Ego Records and the list goes on.

Asturian Tech House DJ Producer David Herrero

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Asturian Tech House DJ Producer David Herrero

Asturian tech house DJ Producer David Herrero was born in Asturias, an autonomous principality in the northwest region of Spain. Asturias is Spain’s best-kept secret known for its Swiss-like mountains, rugged coasts, fishing towns, beaches, and religious history. Like the diversity of its terrain, David Herrero finds his Stereo Groove by adroitly combining various sounds from many sources into his tonal palette. Each of his tracks inspired by a moment in his life makes his music heartfelt and personal.

I live for music. When I go into the studio with the same excitement as the very first day . . .

“Superstar of Hearts” is an apt description of the man who is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing joy to the people who listen to and appreciate his music.

David is usually at the forefront of electronic music. From funky house to organic tribal deep house, as David goes, so does the scene.

One of our favorite tracks, ‘Alanka’ out on Stereo Productions, is a tech house masterpiece. The four to the floor mid bass uniformly accented in unison with its vox grips hold of you to its first breakdown. After the breakdown, David’s organic house sound comes into focus with a twist of tribal and tech. Your cup of Iberican flavor floweth over to the last beat.

After listening below, please share your thoughts with us and include anyone who may enjoy being part of the conversation.

David Herrero – Alanka (Original Mix)