House Grooves Duo Adriatique

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house grooves duo adriatique
Adriatique by Amanda Nikolic

House Grooves Duo Adriatique

House grooves duo Adriatique are Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. They met in 2008 while DJing at the 90’s in southern Germany. Two unique individuals with kindred spirits, each seeming to possess the qualities the other lacks. They are talented individuals, but together they are phenomenal. Shala’s house music is an excellent fit for Schweizer’s minimal techno style.

Two Individuals

Adrian Shala grew up in the western part of Austria. His cousin Patrick Bo was a house music DJ. His style was a deep afro-house. Shala’s earliest influence was listening and watching Patrick make a mixtape. He accompanied Patrick to a house party that he wasn’t supposed to attend. The vibes of the underground dance scene left an indelible mark. He commented,

I felt like I had been born a second time.

Shala honed his skills at home, and by the time he was seventeen, he played his first gig, the youngest guy in the club! As success begets success, he went on to concerts in Austria and southern Germany through 2008. , but we were both impressed with each other’s set and found we had a connection with each other. From there, we became friends.

Adrian Schweizer’s first foray into electronic music was with trance in 2002. He received a pair of 1210s; we’re assuming Technics 1210 turntables. From 2002 to 2005 he practiced his newfound love. In 2005, his dream of spinning in nightclubs came true. For the next three years, he selectorized in Swiss nightclubs.

One Duo: Adriatique

As Providence would have it, both Adrians booked at the same time in the same place. In 2008, they brought their respective styles to the same dark DJ booth. They met and respected each other’s set, a reciprocal connection felt, and a friendship was born. This mutual respect for each other’s music would be the foundation for the subsequent launch of their label, Siamese Records.

Adriatique began producing music in 2009. Neither Adrians produced music as solo artists. In describing their sound, Shala is at somewhat of a loss for words. There isn’t a plan to deliver house or techno. They bring to the studio their ideas and fuse them together. Shala’s soulful vocal house sound with Schweizer’s techno.

The break out year for them was 2012. From the energetic atmosphere of Diynamic beach at Off Sonar to their six performances at Neon Nights in Ibiza. The release of their two EPs ‘Bodymovin’ on Diynamic and ‘Face To Face’ on Culprit.

Siamese Records

Eights years of friendship and collaboration saw the birth of their label, Siamese Records in 2016. Their imprint releases their music as well as music of other producers. While first and foremost a music label, SIAMESE does not want to limit itself to the art of music. A typical label night includes musical artists from that label and their music is showcased. A Siamese Records night includes the creative encounter of audio and visual.

The music isn’t the only component. Adriatique’s love for the art as it encompasses the event as a whole. As well as the DJ Producers, the visual and performance artists are collaborators and spotlighted as well.


Output Summer Party 2018

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Output New York banner

Output Summer Party 2018

Output summer party 2018 on The Roof announced this season’s lineup. EDM Awards top nightclub, Output Brooklyn, returns The Roof for its sixth year. The Roof begins on the weekend of Friday, May 11 and continues through Sunday, May 13. The season ends on Sunday, September 16. The real lure of the rooftop parties is to enjoy techno during the sunset hours overlooking the skyline.

Pao Lopez returns for her third year to decorate the Roof. The New York native of Columbian heritage is a fashion designer who draws inspiration from nature and the music. She believes that the first things you see influence your psychology, so first impressions are paramount. She designed RUMORS Ibiza, Electric Island, SXM, the BPM Festival, and All Day I Dream. If the colors of Sumac Path or the Flower Field of Pier 6 are any indication, we can expect to see yellow and blue wildflowers and pink & purple native flowers.

Friday Afternoon

Your weekend begins with Friday Night Live on select nights. The after-work events run from 5 PM to 10 PM. While many bars promote happy hour with cheap drinks, Output offers so much more. Not only will you enjoy their boozy slushy beverages on a beautifully decorated rooftop overlooking Manhattan, but you’ll also get to see the likes of Roy Ayers, KiNK, Giorgia Angiuli, Stavroz, Crussen and more! Some nights include live bands as well.

Saturday Afternoon

Your Saturday afternoons beginning at 2 PM, expect to see Dubfire, Anané & Louie Vega, David Morales, and Victor Calderone. Known party purveyors and rooftop staples Tiki Disco will once again deliver top-notch summer vibes with their star founders Andy Pry, Eli Escobar, and Lloydski. New York nightclub veteran Danny Krivit will present his soulful 718 Sessions. Alex Cruz will provide the Deep & Sexy house music.

Sunday Afternoon

Your Sunday afternoons also begin at 2 PM. Club Output is providing a stacked lineup of world-class DJs and producers including

Daniel Bell
DJ Fett Burger
DJ Tennis
Francesca Lombardo
Francis Harris
Kerri Chandler
Mano Le Tough
Move D
Nico Stojan
Nicolas Matar
Prins Thomas
Ray Zuniga
Thomas Melchior
tINI & the gang
Tom Trago

And more to be named.

And there’s more. During the season, your weekdays from 5 PM to 10 PM are covered. You can enjoy your local favorites along with the likes of Jesse Calosso, The Scumfrog, Jean Pierre, Blas Cordero, Alex Cecil, Gavin Stephenson, Iman Rzky, and more.

Celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day with ‘Everyday Afrique’ delivering the freshest African rhythms and Caribbean vibes.


Output Summer Party 2018

Amelie Lens Stay With Me

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amelie lens stay with me

Amelie Lens Stay With Me

Amelie Lens Stay With Me EP features an excellent remix by Perc of the title track. It is our techno track of the month for March 2018. Amelie returned to Pan-Pot’s label, Second State. Second State is close-knit techno label showcasing Pan-Pot’s work, as well as works from some of their closest peers.

They described Amelie’s latest EP as,

Her return was imminent. Now she’s back, and like her current rise among the industry’s elite, Amelie Lens delivers an astonishing three tracker of her signature pulse-pounding expeditions. Pair that with a massive remix by the legendary Perc and you’ve got ‘Stay With Me,’ an EP headed straight for the charts.

One way to describe Perc’s remix of ‘Stay With Me’ is that it has a squelchy acid techno bassline. Even though repetition exists, it still has a sense of randomness to it.

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

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Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track of the Month January 2018

Our techno track of the month for January 2018 is ‘Black Beauty’ from Hidden Empire. Released on November 24, 2017, on Oliver Koletzki’s Berlin-based label Stil vor Talent is known for releasing dreamy house to complex electronica and floor-shaking techno. ‘Black Beauty’ falls nicely into the floor-shaking techno category.

Hidden Empire comprises the duo of Branko and Niklas and released a three-song EP, Build Your Empire. The EP of three original offerings channels a profoundly moving soundscape.

Hidden Empire Black Beauty Techno Track

‘Black Beauty’ begins immediately with an enthusiastic groove. The deep monstrous bassline rolls in from the first bars. It is an alluring journey into the vast depths of dark techno.

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

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Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte

Taking the world by storm is Belgian melancholic techno artist Charlotte de Witte. She has a vision for her music and models her career to bring that idea to life. Her work ethic has her torching dance floors across Europe every weekend with her aggressive techno sets.

After conquering Europe, Asia, and Canada, the rest of the world is calling. Next stop for Charlotte: World Domination! She is that rare breed of DJ who can perform on the most significant stages as well as the sweatiest underground raves.

With all of her accomplishments thus far, her heart belongs to the underground techno scene and her home of Belgium. She is humble and maintains a sense of stewardship if you will, with up and coming talent. She has a Saturday night radio show, ‘Playground Charlotte de Witte’ on Studio Brussel. Studio Brussel is Belgium’s leading radio station. She has a residency, ‘KNTXT’ at Fuse nightclub, which has been a staple in the Brussels techno since 1994. She uses these opportunities to showcase music from lesser known artists.


Best Producer #1 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Radio #2 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Artist Of The Year #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Song #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best DJ #3 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2016
Best Song #1 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2015
Tomorrow In The Papers #2 – Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2014


Her hometown of Ghent, Belgium, had an immense impact on her life. The underground nightlife and quality festivals enticed her to become a DJ. She realized the importance only recently of growing up in Belgium. She found New Beat and rave culture influenced her later music.

Charlotte has an affinity for melancholic music. She enjoys tracks with breakable, fragile voices. Her favorite artists for such music are James Blake, Bob Moses, Dillon, Lera Lynn, Julia Stone, and Rhye. Someday, she hopes to collaborate with them as she feels her techno would be a great match.

The Producer

Charlotte started producing music about five years ago. After DJ’ing for some time, she found a need to understand the music. She wanted to know what made a track work, so she delved deep within herself to find the essence of music. Producing gave her another vehicle to reveal herself through melancholy techno.

Making music really gives me a chance to tap into the more emotional side of electronic music that I love. Music that has that melancholic side to it, I just find it so much more interesting, whether DJ’ing, producing or just listening myself at home.

Melancholic Techno

Charlotte chooses the names of her tracks by two methods. She merely uses the word most oft-repeated or waits for the emotion the song elicits. For instance, the title track, ‘Weltschmerz,’ of her first EP is a German word. The German author, Jean Paul, defined Weltschmerz as, ‘the feeling experienced by someone who believes that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind.’ Charlotte was overcome by melancholy and appropriately named the track.

The inspiration for naming her song ‘Brussels’ was a conversation she overheard. While at a noodle bar in the city, she heard a woman talk about her boyfriend gone on a night out. The woman said,

And I looked into his eyes, and he was gone. I didn’t know what to do.

The words imprinted on her mind and they fit this song.

Melancholic Techno Artist Charlotte de Witte


Russian Techno DJ Producer Boris

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Russian Techno DJ Producer Boris

Russian Techno DJ Producer Boris

Russian Techno DJ Producer Boris, born Boris Inzhin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He became a resident DJ in 2004 learning his craft in the underground clubs of New York. His music has a distinct style. You can hear it in his music: The countless nights of dance floor devastation, the appreciation for the heritage of dance music, the aggressive desire to innovate and do something new. Listen to ‘Foul Beats,’ Boris’s first track for revered techno label SCI+TECH. Add to that ‘In The House” on Suara along with his releases on his label Transmit and his Transmissions podcast that’s aired on 57 stations across 36 countries.

There are overnight sensations, and then there’s Boris. Baptized in the DJ booths of New York City, the Russian native learned the craft of DJ-ing in front of the most demanding crowds in the world. He developed a broad sense of what moves a packed floor in a moment, an hour, or a full night-to-morning extended session. From the early 90s to today, he’s been a resident at every major New York nightclub. The list includes Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy. He received award nominations for his service, Club World Awards, America’s Best DJ. Furthermore, he has earned the adoration of dedicated fans who boldly declare that they ‘Believe in Boris.’ He’s also released several compilations on local label Nervous: Timeless capsules of the sounds of the city.

But New York is just the beginning of the story. Boris has played regularly at clubs all over the globe, from United States hotspots Space Nightclub Miami and NYC to legendary venues like Womb in Japan. With appearances at festivals in Canada, a regular at BPM Mexico he has also brought his particular set of skills to South America, London, Korea, and Ibiza. 2015 has seen Boris debut at the brand new Ibiza Transplant Space Ibiza NY. He’s also willing to spin at lesser-known venues like Off The Hookah in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Now, Boris is parlaying all that international intelligence into new productions that represent a fresh musical direction. New Generation, his aptly named debut EP on Dubfire’s SCI+TECH label, energetic deep techno: One cut of undeniable funk (“Generate”) and one of undeniable filth (“Foul Beats”), each meant to take the night to the next level. Recent releases that have topped the charts are ‘In da houz’ and Be’ released on Coyu’s hot label Suara. Along with ‘Over It’ out on Tool Room and ‘Love Perc’ out on Carl Cox’s label Intec. Expect many more releases from Boris in the upcoming months on monster labels such as Tronic and Alleanza.

Watch for news on tours, residencies, and of course, new music, through the end of 2015 and into 2016 and beyond.

UK Techno Duo Pig and Dan

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UK Techno Duo Pig and Dan

UK Techno Duo Pig and Dan

Uk Techno duo Pig and Dan, individually known as Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan, are a UK based techno duo that formed after a chance meeting on a flight to Spain. In 1999, both Igor and Dan coincidentally were on the same plane to Spain. They struck up a conversation, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Prolific DJ Duo

Pig & Dan have played alongside some the biggest names in the techno and house music world, as well as headlined themselves. They’ve been a part of the most significant global festivals including

They’ve blessed the decks in some of the most famous nightclubs worldwide such as Amnesia Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza, Crobar Buenos Aries, Output New York, Womb Tokyo, and the Eden Terrace atop Nocturnal Nightclub Miami.

The Production Team

Pig & Dan have nearly twenty years together produced some of the most prolific music in techno. While they have a signature sound, which is precisely recognizable, they have the uncanny ability to push their musical envelope. It’s a contradiction to be identifiable and diverse at the same time, which is a testament to their talent.

Pig & Dan have released music on renowned labels such as Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings, Slam’s Soma, John Digweed’s Bedrock, Monika Kruse’s Terminal M and Richie Hawtins’ Plus 8. Apart from their extensive discography they’ve collaborated and remixed for the some of the industries greats including Underworld, DEADMAU5, John Digweed, and Innercity with their massive classic Goodlife.

After so many years in the business plus four albums under their belt, the dynamic duo took it upon themselves to push their envelope on LP number five by producing the much acclaimed downtempo album ‘Destination Unknown.’ Boasting flavors of Hip-Hop, Dub, and soul, they managed to top the Beatport chart from more than four months in a genre they have never cut previously.

Both behind the decks and in the studio they’ve proved that their momentum is continuously rising. They’ve had a year playing the world’s most famous venues and celebrated a #1 in both the overall and Techno genres on Beatport with their smash hit ‘Growler.’

Pig & Dan also released the album ‘Modular Baptism’ on their label Elevate. Hailed as an accurate reference to their unique sonic diversity, it shot straight to #1 on the Beatport release charts.

They released their ‘Mexico’ EP on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode which celebrated yet again top ten hits. They also had the honor of compiling and mixing the final Space Ibiza compilation CD alongside Carl Cox. Their latest collaboration with Techno Queen Monika Kruse on her own imprint Terminal M smashed up the Beatport charts once again.

Currently, the dynamic duo is once again celebrating top ten on Beatport with their remix of Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s hit track ‘Sorry I’m late.’ This latest remix has gained massive support from industry leaders such as Solomun and Maceo Plex.

The future is blinding with upcoming collaborations ready for release with artists Adam Beyer, Harvey Mckay, ANNA, and Stephan Hinz. Their track, ‘La Bruja,’ was featured on Drumcode’s prolific A-Sides compilation.

Belgian Techno Prodigy Amelie Lens

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Belgian Techno Prodigy Amelie Lens
Amelie Lens – Dour Festival

Belgian Techno Prodigy Amelie Lens

Belgian Techno Prodigy Amelie Lens was born May 31, 1990, in Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is known for having the second largest port in Europe as well as being the center of trade and culture. Antwerp is also the second most multicultural cities boasting 170 different nationalities. In time, we shall see if Antwerp will also be known for being home to one of the greatest techno DJ/producers of all time.

I found a quote from Amelie on her Facebook page which demonstrates her positive mindset and what motivates her to work hard;

“When people try to bring me down it gives me energy to work even harder, focus even more and feel extra happy about what is going on in my life right now. Life is too short to feel sad or angry, to bother about what other people think of you. I just wanted to share this little something with you today, don’t let anyone bring you down!”

And work hard she does. By the end of October 2017, Amelie will have performed seventeen times in thirty-one days.

Prime Entertainment Ventures

Amelie Lens released her debut EP in February 2016, under Lyase Recordings. The title track, ‘Exhale,’ is a sick hypnotic techno masterpiece. The combination of the whispering sultry vocals, percussion, and bass ensnare the mind but leave the listener wanting more and unable or unwilling to escape.

Amelie Lens
(Lyase Recordings)

Spanish House Music DJ-Producer Fernando Campo

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DJ Fernando Campo
Iberican Sound

Spanish house music DJ-Producer Fernando Campo, like his compadres at Stereo Productions, started djing at a young age. He was a resident at the tender age of seventeen. Even though he did not have the tools to produce, he overcame that lost time and has released tracks on such labels as:

He finds his Iberican Sound in the moments he creates. Which is to say the portal to inspiration and love of the music opens when he’s spinning to a crowded dancefloor or producing a track.

One of our favorite tracks is “Feel The Bass.” The sum of this outing with its smooth deep edges and groove is the complete realization of Fernando’s Iberican Sound. He tailored the lead vox in mesmerizing fashion, taking us into a labyrinth of sound. Feel the synth and percussion grab hold of you and release. And those with high aural skills will appreciate the crafty push of a deep mid end bassline from all angles.

Defined as deep house, arguably tech house. It is, however, Iberican Sound, furthering the movement that is taking the world by storm.

After listening below, please share your thoughts with us and include anyone who may enjoy being part of the conversation.




DJ Fernando Campo

Miami House Music Artist DJ Patrick M

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DJ Patrick M
Iberican Sound


Born in the coastal town of Punta Alta, Argentina, Marcelo Morana, better known as DJ Patrick M, played his first club gig at the early age of sixteen. 


He became active in the Buenos Aires underground scene at El Divino, now Opera Bay, and Clooby in Brazil. His deep funky house style and performances influenced the house music scene wherever he went. His love of house and tech house made him an excellent fit for the Iberican Sound.


He took what he learned and developed from South America to Miami, Florida, in 2003, and has been a bedrock of the house music scene there ever since. He expanded his horizons with residencies at Mynt, Rumi, Nikki Beach, Opium Garden, Crobar, Nerve, and Space. His performance at Creamfields in 2005 may be one of his most memorable appearances. He currently can be found spinning in Miami and South America.


With all of his successes, Patrick M is humble and gracious, giving thanks to,


“First God, my family, my booking agents, promoters, club owners. They gave me always the opportunity. The resident DJs which I learn all the time, you know I go and listen to them. When I have free time I try to go and listen, not only the resident DJs, but the guests, you know, looking online all the time. I’ve been very very thankful for all of them.”


He has tracks and collaborations with many of the hottest artists and record labels in dance music, including but not limited to,



Released this year on Stereo Productions, is the tech house track, “Damage.” The clever use of pads prancing in and out of the thick bottom bassline wrap your ears from the get-go. Never to forget that syncopating vox from high to mid and mid to low drives itself through the traffic in ample subtlety. Combined, the thick bassline, vocals, and mid-low end bass groove fully embody this cleverly crafted monster. This track was purposely engineered to cause sheer damage when dropped upon the masses.


After listening, please share your thoughts with us and include anyone who may enjoy being part of the conversation.









DJ Patrick M