Ibiza Trance 2018

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Ibiza Trance 2018

Ibiza Trance 2018

Ibiza Trance 2018 at Privilege’s Vista Club. The latest trance music night in Ibiza is Shine. It runs on Monday nights from July 9 to September 17. Since Cream announced the end of its trance nights, this is excellent news for trance fanatics.

Shine on Monday is the brainchild of Paul van Dyk’s Vandit and former Cream promoter, Nick Ferguson. Even though trance has waned in recent years, there is still a following on the White Isle. Nick said of trance,

Trance has deep roots on the island of Ibiza.

Trance has its spiritual home in Ibiza since the 1990s. Shine plans to bring back what they call the human spirit, all-encompassing inclusive experience for not just the club goers, but for the artists, talent, and staff.

Paul van Dyk described the concept behind Shine.

what SHINE offers, is a world of opportunities – a hub to an international community.

Shine will provide trance music lovers an altered state of mind experience. The visual and auditory production design is full of magic and positive energy.

Vista is the club within the world’s super club that is Privilege. For over five years, Privilege earned a reputation for its mind-blowing atmosphere and sheer size. Dance within the twenty-five meters high glass pyramid ceiling under the stars and at dawn, under the sun. Sunrise sets are life-altering with the music blending with the panorama view across La Isla Blanca that stretches to Dalt Vila. This clubbing experience is a rite of passage for electronic music fans.


(in alphabetical order)

Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Alex Ryan
Aly & Fila
Andy Moor
Ben Nicky
Bryan Kearney
Chris Bekker
Cosmic Gate
Fred Baker
Giuseppe Ottaviani
James Cottle
Jordan Suckley
Liam Wilson
Menno De Jong
Paul Thomas
Paul van Dyk
Project 8
Richard Lowe
Simon Patterson
Stephen Kirkwood
Stoneface & Terminal
The Thrillseekers
Will Atkinson

Ibiza Trance 2018


Trance Retreat 2018 Summer Edition

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Trance Retreat 2018 banner

Trance Retreat 2018 Summer Edition

Trance Retreat 2018 Summer Edition occurs between June 17 and 24 in the mountains of Bulgaria. Accommodations include transportation, food, and beverage in five identical luxurious countryside estates.

Since this is an intimate and exclusive experience, capacity is limited. Applicants undergo a screening process that includes an interview. Selection of the course material matches the participants. This way, the course curriculum is tailored specifically for you.

Four world-class trance music producers teach you the intricacies of trance music production in a beautiful atmosphere. You’ll form new friendships with like-minded individuals with similar musical interests.

If you love trance music and dream of creating dance-floor worthy productions, then this retreat is for you. Not only will you partake in group seminars, but you will also have one on one instruction with some of the best producers in the business.

Pricing and accommodations details include travel to Sofia, Bulgaria. You have the choice of a shared room with one other person or a single room. You can view the FAQ section here as well.

Your Instructors

The instructors for this retreat include Orjan Nilsen, Estiva, Nifra, and Dennis Sheperd.

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Delay no longer and apply for your spot today.

Apply Here For Your Reservation.

View the Bali 2017 Retreat after movie below.

View the Berlin 2018 Winter Retreat after movie below.

Brent Rix Borealis

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Brent Rix Borealis Trance Release March 2018

Brent Rix Borealis

Brent Rix Borealis original mix is our trance track of March 2018. Rix has boundless energy, and he channeled it into his incendiary trance creation, ‘Borealis.’

This offering is unique, and trance fans should not miss it. ‘Borealis’ has a fervent sound from beginning to end.

Energetic madness coupled with a signature lead and an out of this world atmosphere that’ll have you ready at your core.


Currently, ‘Borealis’ is number two on the STEEM SL Uplifting Trance Chart Volume 67. Jakob Celar, aka Steem SL is a trance producer from Slovenia.


‘Borealis’ was released on March 12, 2018, on TAR#138 records. TAR#138 is a sub-division of Trance All-Stars Records, which is in the Czech Republic and founded in 2009. Other sub-labels include Beyond the Stars Recordings, Cinesphere Records, Liquid Energy Digital, and Reclublic Recordings.

Trance All-Stars Records releases music from well-known industry leaders. They also are always looking for new talent. If you have something to offer the world of trance, you can send your demos to

Brent Rix – Borealis (Original Mix) [TAR#138]


UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

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UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

UK Bad Boy of Dance Ben Nicky

UK bad boy of dance Ben Nicky is a DJ and producer from Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol, United Kingdom. Born Benjamin Nikki Reginald Wederell, Armin van Buuren nicknamed him,

the bad boy of dance.

Ben is without a doubt the standout on the global trance scene. He catapulted himself into the limelight to transcend the genre. Not only is Ben talented behind the decks and in the studio, but also has a formidable digital media prowess. Consequently, he made his mark by outselling his peers to become one of the most sought-after artists on the globe.

Ben’s success lies in his adoring fanbase. His fans are young, excitable and full of energy. When he arrives in their cities, they flock to his shows. Consequently, his shows sell out worldwide from the UK to Argentina, Asia to Australia, and the United States. The fans are the reason he has catapulted past his contemporaries.

We alluded to Ben’s digital presence. His viral videos from these encapsulating performances rack up millions of views online. They are shared across all social media platforms so that he is ever present on your timeline.

Ben’s well-constructed DJ sets keep his audience locked in. He fuses classics with current drops in his unique ‘Headf**k mashups. He adds twists and turns in his musical journey, but also making it very dancefloor friendly. As a result, he appeals to the masses turning each set into a unique audio experience. Hailing from the trance scene, Ben is never content to stick to just one style. Having diversified his sound to cover a diverse range of styles within his sets including his ‘Headf**k Xtreme’ sets and ‘Techf**k’ sets. His musical range flow from techno to trance up to the harder styles.

With his itinerary undoubtedly the busiest in the trance scene, 2017 saw Ben perform at every major festival. Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Creamfields. Scheduled at notable venues including Marquee in Sydney and Las Vegas, Avalon in Hollywood, Amnesia in Ibiza, Zouk in Kuala Lumpur and Ministry of Sound in London. He spun at his first solo arena show at the SSE arena in Belfast Northern Ireland to over 9000 people in October. Ben has already surpassed many household names to take command of new territories in the likes of Northern Ireland, Australia & Malaysia where he has become an icon to his young fanbase, bringing waves of new generations into the scene!

Ben released singles on some of the most prominent labels in the industry. The names include Ultra, Spinnin, Armada, VANDIT Records, Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings, and Who’s Afraid of 138?!

Electronic Dance Music Duo Tritonal

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Tritonal_940x350_bio 2

Electronic Dance Music Duo Tritonal

Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros formed the electronic dance music duo Tritonal in 2008. They released their early works on labels Anjunabeats, Levare Recordings, Alter Ego Records, Stellar Sound, Spundae Music, Garuda, Air Up There Recordings, and Enhanced Music.

Tritonal acquired Enhanced Music in 2013. They had many vital works on Enhanced, but the critically acclaimed Metamorphic EP trilogy may be the most important. Metamorphic featured fan favorites, ‘Follow Me Home’ and ‘Now or Never.’

‘Now or Never’ broke into the top five on Billboard’s Airplay Dance Chart. Three other tracks, ‘Anchor,’ ‘Colors,’ and ‘Untouchable’ also charted in the top 5.

Tritonal’s connection with their fans has ensured that their music resonates with them, whether musical purists or mass crowds. Their successful formula has three components:

  1. compelling songwriting
  2. innovative productions
  3. exuberant performances


With every release, Tritonal transcends their previous works. In March 2013, they released their EP Metamorphic I, which included the progressive house tracks, ‘Bullet That Saved Me,’ ‘Bring Me Home,’ and ‘Deep Into Black.’ In May 2013, Tritonal announced the Metamorphic Tour phase 1 dates. Phase 2 of the tour landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday, August 30, 2013.

UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

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UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

UK EDM DJ Producer Lange

UK EDM DJ Producer Lange was born Stuart Langelaan in Shrewsbury, England in the county of Shropshire, in June 1974. His career began in 1997, signing his first recording contract with Additive Records in the UK. He achieved early popularity with a collection of releases attracting the attention of industry leaders such as Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules.

Lange is recognized as one of the most influential dance artists of the past decade; a DJ who has remained at the forefront of the scene throughout his career and a producer that continues to push all boundaries. After an exhausting list of achievements, counting among them 20 UK top 40s, featuring on a film soundtrack, and remixing mainstream artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Faithless, Lange remains one of the world’s leading EDM producers.

Lange is a prolific international DJ as well as an exceptional producer and remixer. He has performed for such brands as Insomniac, Cream, Godskitchen, and Gatecrasher. He has graced the stages of Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Gathering, Sziget, Balaton, and A State of Trance. His talent and work ethic have seen him rise to the Top 100 DJ poll for eight years. He has reached number six in the Tranceaddict Top 250 poll.

Lange is an artist that has continued to reinvent himself to take on the evolving dance scene and show any aspiring DJ how to be an industry leader. He has an eclectic, exciting, and driving style influenced by the dance music spectrum from trance and progressive, to techno, and electro.

Lange brought his Harmonic Motion album tour to the Eden Terrace at Nocturnal Nightclub. He was supported by Miami local DJs ElementOne and Cezar G.

Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas

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Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas

Early Beginnings

Talented Miami DJ Producer Joseph Areas, like many of his electronic music DJ Producer brethren, was immersed in music at a young age. By the time he was 15, he had his first turntables and was spinning open format at local house parties. He had an eclectic musical background that included Latin and Caribbean tracks to the urban sounds of Miami. As a result, his sets were inclusive of these various sounds, rhythms, and instruments.

Joseph was more and more exposed to electronic dance music which became his passion. This growing desire led him to the realization that he wanted not only to play the music but live the lifestyle. After his eureka moment, Joseph decided to make his love of DJ/production of electronic dance music an integral part of his life, leaving everything else in the backseat.

The Producer & Visionary

As Joseph honed his electronic dance music DJ skills at house parties and small venues, he transitioned to remixing tracks from some of his EDM influencers. They include Andy Moor, Lange & Fenja – ‘Top of the World,’ Kyau & Albert – ‘Do You Still Know,’ and tyDi – ‘The Moment It Breaks.’ He has collaborated with vocal artists Betsie Larkin, Jaren, and Tania Zygar.

As a producer, Joseph’s first studio wares were quickly snapped up by the likes of Armada Music and Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings. Joseph’s artistic side, combined with cutting-edge technology and production methods, evolved exponentially. His sound is a unique combination of euphoric melody and twinned with floor-kick energy. His style pushes listeners to the redline of emotion and exhilaration. Some of his original work include ‘Parvenu,’ ‘For An Instant,’ ‘Beluga,’ and most recently released on a State of Trance, ‘Void of Self.’ His tracks continue to receive significant and sustained support from the scene’s upper echelon.

While tech house was trendy in Miami leading up to 2010, Joseph’s love of trance led him to the conclusion that Miami needed a trance night. He became co-founder with his Los Angeles partners of Element Entertainment, now Prime Entertainment Ventures. They established Night Shift on the Eden Terrace at Nocturnal Nightclub, now Heart Nightclub. Night Shift led to subsequent nights at Grand Central and Pure Ultra Lounge, official WMC events, to Off The Hookah and Fate Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. He provided support for Kyau & AlbertStoneface & Terminal, Andy Moor, Lange, and Myon & Shane 54, just to name a few. He’s graced the decks at Space and Imperia in Miami.

The Recording Label, Arisa Audio

Joseph also went on to establish his recording label, Arisa Audio with Faruk Sabanci. DJ Magazine described Arisa Audio as,

one of the most promising new trance labels around

Arisa Audio led to other labels Metanoia Music, Arisa Lifting, Intricate Music and Harmonic Breeze. After nearly a decade and one hundred forty releases, Joseph’s on-going mission for Arisa Audio is to deliver the highest quality, most forward-looking electronic music possible to dance floors and music lovers alike.

Joseph’s love of the musical journey leads him to one ultimate goal: to provide beautiful electronic dance music to the universe. Enjoy his latest release, ‘Void of Self’ released on A State of Trance and played by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 839.


Joseph Areas – Void of Self (Original Mix) Released on A State of Trance


Parity Saturn Trance Music Release of the Month January 2018

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Parity Saturn Trance Music Release of the Month January 2018

Parity Saturn Trance Music Release of the Month January 2018

Parity Saturn Trance Music Track of the Month 2018A genuinely global duo, Parity is the collaborative project of Prateek Chaudhary and Gabriel Hochstatter. They met at school in London. Their sound is a unique fusion of house, electro, and trance & progressive.

Their latest release, and first on Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings, ‘Saturn’ is a progressive trance track. Indeed, a well-produced beautiful track influenced by electro trance. It possesses the elements of a pumping kick drum, heavy bassline, with an epic breakdown. The anthemic energy builds to a climax and releases you into a mesmerizing emotional state.

Cosmic melodies soar and lift the listener as they craft a beautiful journey through progressive trance. Something perfect for any time of the night!

UK Progressive DJ Producer Ashley Wallbridge

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UK Progressive DJ Producer Ashley Wallbridge

UK Progressive DJ Producer Ashley Wallbridge, born February 28, 1988, is from Stoke-On-Trent in Central England. His birthplace is world-renowned for its pottery industry.

He began his musical journey in 2008 as not only a DJ Producer but also as a ghost producer. Most likely, if you aren’t familiar with his tracks, you are familiar with music s he’s ghost produced.

Ashley has an innate passion for his music. This desire is amplified when he’s in front of a crowded dancefloor or festival. Ashley also finds motivation from his many downloads and his peers around him. His studio allows him autonomy to dig deep into his seemingly boundless well of creativity to make the music he loves. The music, in turn, led to remix requests from luminaries such as Avicii, Havana Brown, Krewella, Gareth Emery, and Armin van Buuren.

He released several tracks on Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings label between 2008 and 2013. He joined Andy at two of his official WMC AVA Takeover events in 2011 and 2012.

His 2012 debut album ‘The Inner Me’ reached #5 on the iTunes USA charts, #9 in Canada, and #12 in the UK. Ashley continued to feed off the vibe of the crowd and cater to their emotional need. This uncanny ability to play to the crowd extended everywhere from Europe to the USA. His on-point productions and larger-than-life dedication to his craft have earned him spots at Los Angeles’ Exchange, Omnia in San Diego, Ministry of Sound in London, Privilege Ibiza and a residency at famous Las Vegas hotspot Marquee. Taking it up a score at Creamfields Australia, Global Gathering in the UK and Sunset Music, the Wallbridge brand ignites demand across the globe.

Ghost Producer

Ashley spent many years ghost producing for other producers. He had pragmatic reasons for doing it in the first place. He became disgusted with the practice after seeing those producers make a small fortune from his work and not give him any credit. What set him off was certain producers taking credit for his work and defrauding the fans. Some even had the gall to ask him to do it again. If not for the non-disclosure agreements and lack of credit, he would have continued.

He teamed up with Gareth Emery, and they created the project, CVNT5, the brainchild of a drunken stupor.

“a satire of a lot of the clichés in dance culture today. We’re laughing as much at ourselves as other people, a lot of the content for the video comes from stuff Gaz and I have actually done ourselves (maybe not the pissing in the fans’ faces part).”

Ashley signed with Armada Music in 2016 and launched dramatic productions such as ‘Amnesia,’ ‘Goa,’ ‘Undiscovered, featuring KARRA, and ‘Naughts & Crosses.’ It’s clear that the waves Ashley Wallbridge makes are getting bigger every time he pushes the envelope of his sound. And it is that kind of mindset that allows him to ride those waves like the scene leader he is.

Dance Music, The Future

Ashley has an interesting opinion about the pop crossover world.

I think it’s great, seeing the kids out at a festival when ten years ago it would have been a rock concert. Pop music comes in cycles, and when it’s chewed up and spat out dance it will move on to something else! The heartbeat of dance music will always be in the underground; it’s where it began, and it’s why it will never go away no matter what happens in the pop crossover world.

The underground, real fans, acts as an anchor for the music. The bastardization of dance music will die when pop has used dance music for what it can and move on to co-opt something else. On the other side, will be a resurgence of trance and a truer progressive. He expects more melody and chill.

I’m not sure about the next 10 years… there’s probably some 12-year-old kid sitting in his bedroom on Ableton right now creating a new genre none of us have heard of yet! But certainly in the near future there will be a return to melody in the mainstream; as big room dies there’ll be more melodic, chill, really musical stuff. In the club scene, progressive will come back in a truer form, and a lot of people are talking about a trance resurgence. The cool underground will keep enjoying whatever the latest social media hating hipster is putting out.

German Scottish Trance Producer Andy Duguid

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Andy Duguid slider

German Scottish Trance Producer Andy Duguid was born on November 16, 1982, in Gutersloh, Germany. His hometown is New Pitsligo, a small village in Aberdeen, Scotland. His aliases include Reeves, Corsie, and Emilio Fernandez.

Childhood Musician To Stardom

I am a child of the 80’s, I was born in Gutersloh, Germany, although my parents relocated to England very soon after. I remember being drawn and influenced by music from a very early age, not least Jean Michel Jarre, so when my parents bought me a keyboard, the circle became complete. I remember spending hours practicing, first teaching myself the musical basics and then developing an obsession and desire to create weird and wonderful sounds. Nothing in the house was safe; everyday objects were all fair game; I even made a Xylophone out of a water bottle!

Young Andy started to play keyboards and piano when he was ten years old. By the time he was fourteen, he had produced music. In the following ten years of learning and experimenting, Andy released his first track, ‘Hypocrisy’ in 2006 on Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings. ‘Hypocrisy’ reached number 5 on the Dutch Dance Charts and was popular with trance titans Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. His next single, ‘Don’t Belong,’ was also very well received and featured on ‘In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza.’ Andy went on to become a frequent remixer for some of the most prolific artists in trance and progressive such as Tiësto, Johan Gielen, Phynn, Filo & Peri, Richard Durand and Mr. Sam.

In October 2007 Black Hole Recordings requested an album from Andy. Andy enlisted fellow Black Hole Recordings artists Julie Thompson, Esmaye, Mr. Sam, and Solarstone, as well as his longtime friend vocalist Leah. The resulting album ‘Believe’ released in 2008 to critical acclaim. The first release ‘Wasted’ featuring the vocals of Leah became a signature sound.

Personal Tragedies Came in 3s

Andy’s father passed away prematurely in 2005. This personal suffering, however, had an unexpected effect;

something snapped inside me. I knew I had to seize the – albeit sad – opportunity and go for it, so I quit the nine-to-five and focused on music full time.

Ninety days after his father’s passing is when Andy signed with Dutch giant Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings. The next twelve months saw Andy’s career skyrocket.

The dream was interrupted by a nightmare when Andy learned of his brother’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. Andy confirmed he wrote the last track ‘White Sands’ with his brother. He told VH1 India

This track means so much. You can lose pictures or videos of your loved ones but this is something that will be around forever, and it makes me very proud of my brother.

Andy’s brother passed away two days after the release of his first album, ‘Believe.’

But so proud he managed to live long enough to see the release of my first album, even if it was by two days.

Olivia Downie

Andy’s friends, Steven and Lauren Downie had a daughter, Olivia. Olivia received a diagnosis of Neuroblastoma was she was just four years old. For the next three years, Olivia suffered unimaginable agony. Her parents traveled with her to Mexico’s Hope 4 Cancer Institute for treatment but ended up stranded. After news reached Scotland, the public raised 150,000 pounds for air ambulance transport back to Scotland. Olivia returned to Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital where she passed away peacefully in her sleep on June 29, 2012. She was 7 years old.

Olivia DownieOlivia was the inspiration for ‘7Even,’ a collaboration between Andy and Jaren. ‘7Even’ was released on October 14, 2013, on Andy’s second album, ‘On The Edge.’ He announced all of his royalties from the track were to be donated to cancer research in Olivia’s name.

The DJ

Known as one of the unique electronic artists of his time, Andy Duguid is a name recognized globally. His sound is his brand, and his brand is why he is unique. He is different; he is the master of his trade, he is Andy Duguid.

Alongside his productions, his DJing has taken him to every corner of the world, through Europe, Africa, and Asia and onwards to the United States. He graced the decks in cities from Los Angeles to Miami, where he joined Andy Moor for his WMC 2010 event, Andy Moor and Friends.